rTAU Swap Information

BASIC (con_doug_lst001) and rTAUold (con_reflecttau) went through a non-inflationary token merge. See https://reflecttau.medium.com/rtau-tokenomics-and-merge-information-8dbebf32f54c for more information. Below is information on how you can swap to rTAU (con_reflectTau_v2).

  • Version 1 of RTAU (con_reflecttau) can be swapped to version 2 of RTAU (con_reflecttau_v2)
  • BASIC (con_doug_lst001) can be swapped to version 2 of RTAU (con_reflecttau_v2)

Here is how to do it:

First you need to approve sending RTAUv1 to the RTAUv2 contract so that you can swap (same steps for BASIC):

  1. Open your wallet and open the account that has RTAUv1 in it

2. Choose the RTAUv1 token

3. Choose “APPROVE”

4. Fill in stamp limit, amount that you want to swap (or just choose a very big amount) and then paste “con_reflecttau_v2” into the “To” field.

5. Hit “Next” button

Now that you have approved, let’s execute a function from the RTAUv2 contract that will do the swap for you:

  1. In the wallet open “Smart Contracts”
  2. Click the small plus button near the top left
The plus button

3. Enter new RTAUv2 contract and hit “Open”

4. Scroll down in the newly opened contract and find the “swap_rtau” function or the “swap_basic” function.

5. Enter the amount for RTAUv1 that you want to swap over and press the “run” button next to the function name

6. Select the account that has your RTAUv1 from the dropdown and press “CONFIRM TRANSACTION”

rTAU — the most advanced token on Lamden



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